In tupi-guarani language, guabi means food. That’s why, in 1974, Guabi was chosen to name a new company that arose in Orlândia, São Paulo countryside, aiming to develop and manufacture high quality and reliable products for animal nutrition.


Acting today in every sector of its market, Guabi meets the needs and anticipates new demands of different species at different ages, productive phases and competition, counts on 1.000 employees, more than 350 products in line, presence in every Brazilian State and exports for more than 30 countries in every continent. It is ranked in 582º place among the 1,000 largest Brazilian companies, besides being in 3rd place of ratio of net sales to assets of the Food and Drinks sector, according to the Valor 1000 ranking, annually published by Valor Econômico newspaper.


Market leader and reference in innovation

To reach and maintain so many achievements, you need to work seriously and focused, to be updated with science and technology progresses, to strongly and continuously invest in research, development, professional improvement and cutting-edge equipment. That’s how Guabi became a leader and reference in the market and is acknowledged for gathering science, technology and correct exploitation of natural resources to create and manufacture health, safe and innovative products.


Guabi is:

  • The first company to produce extruded feed for shrimps,
  • Pioneer in laminated and extruded particles in feed for horses,
  • The first company to produce micro-extruded feed for fish,
  • Creator and producer of the best starter feed for fingerlings,
  • Creator and producer of the first pelleted supplement for horses in Brazil,
  • Pioneer in applying the quorum sensing concept, which offers a natural protection for fish and shrimp that live under the constant threat of contamination.


Cutting-edge team and partnership with renowned universities and research centers

In addition to a technical team with professionals with Master’s degrees and constant training in Brazil and abroad, Guabi maintains partnership with important universities and research centers to improve and develop new products.



Industrial units classified in Group 1: elite of animal production

Guabi is also the first Brazilian company of animal nutrition to be accredited to provide feed for the European Union.


Group 1 of GMP rating

(Sales 98,42/ALPA 93,02/Anápolis 91,03)


Accordance with GMP and HACCP norms

GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points are recommended by CODEX ALIMENTARIUS of FAO – Organization of United Nations for Food and Agriculture, to obtain safe products from the raw materials, going through the processing phases to the final consumer.


Accreditation by MAPA for manufacture of products with drugs

Guabi also has an accredited unit by MAPA based on “IN 65” for feed production with drugs.


Internal and external laboratories for analysis

Besides having internal laboratories which employ the NIR technology, Guabi owns Lab Tec, a lab which serves other market players and is accredited to execute analysis in the Area of Waste and Food Contaminants, receiving samples from both the official control and specific programs of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA).


While the high technology associated with qualified professionals ensures continuous improvement in product quality, love for work, strengthened by the closeness with the market and the direct access to researchers and scientists assures their constant evolution.


Welcome to Guabi!