Gordolot Grão Inteiro RM+VM

Gordolot Grão Inteiro RM+VM


Gordolot Grão Inteiro RM+VM is a protein concentrate formulated with 36% of Crude Protein, Macro (including Potassium) and Microminerals (especially the Chrome), Vitamins, Sodium Monensin and Virginiamycin. Suitable for Total Diet formulation for cattle in fattening regime inferring whole corn kernels.


Presentation: Pelletized.

Presentation Pelletized
Weight 30 kg
Use recommendations

Mix 15% Gordolot Grão Inteiro RM + VM in 85% whole grain corn (MIXTURE). Adapt for at least two weeks, according to following conditions: 1) Bulk food not from the picket: supply from the 1st to the 4th day, 1.2 BW of the animal of the MIXTURE + 0.8% of the BW (based on Dry Matter) of the bulk high fiber effective. From 5th to 8th day provide 1,4% of MIXTURE + 0,6% of bulk feed. From 9th to 12th day provide 1,6% of MIXTURE + 0,4% of bulk feed. From 13th to 15th day offer 1.8% of MIXTURE + 0.2% of bulk feed. From the 16th day provide solely the MIXTURE.

Warranty Levels
Crude Protein (Min.) 360 g/kg
NNP - Equiv. Protein (Max.) 140 g/kg
Potassium (mín.) 18 g/kg
Chrome (Min.) 4 mg/kg
Sodium Monensin 190 mg/kg
Virginiamycin 170 mg/kg
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