Guabi Horsecreck Haras


Supplement of vitamins, minerals and amino acids developed to animals under stress, confined and/or in constant shifts in function of equestrian events.
Food supplement of anti stress action.
Indicated for animals under stress, as constant displacements due to equestrian events, postoperatives and other.
It contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids that mainly act in biochemical processes related to animal welfare.


Presentation: Extruded

Presentation Extruded
Weight 6 kg
Use recommendations

Provide 50 g/animal/day, mixed in the feed at once. To achieve the desired effect, provide the supply for 45 consecutive days and interrupt for 15 days in a continuous cycle of handling. Offer a good quality bulk horse supply and free clean and fresh water.

Warranty Levels
Humidity (Max) 130 g
Crude Protein (min) 120 g
Ether Extract (min) 30 g
Crude Fibre (Max) 130 g
Mineral Material (Max.) 130 g
Calcium (Min) 10 g
Calcium (Max) 20 g
Phosphorus (Min) 5.000 mg
Tryptophan (Min) 15 g
Vitamin B1 (Min) 980 mg
Magnesium (Min) 5.000 mg
Chrome (Min) 100 mg
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