Equitage Fibra


Pelletized product, complete, with incorporated alfalfa hay, suitable for all animal categories that do not have access to bulk horse supply or are receiving low quality supplies.

Total diet concept
Contains all the nutrients and amount of alfalfa hay needed to meet the daily needs of the animal
High quality protein
Facilitates fiber digestion and absorption of nutrients
Facilitates handling and reduces the cost of labor

Ideal for
Situations with forage limitation
Older animals, with difficulty chewing
Promote weight gain in short time, such as for auctions, for example


Presentation: Pelletized

Presentation Pelletized
Weight 30 kg, 40 kg
Use recommendations

Provide 1.5 to 3 kg per 100 kg body weight, per day. In the case of supply in the proportion of 70% of Equitage Fibra and 30% of forage, considering the dry matter.
Offer free fresh and clean water.

Warranty Levels
Crude Protein (Min.) 12% - 120g
Ether Extract (Min.) 2% - 20g
Crude Fibre (Min.) 20% - 200g
Mineral Material (Max.) 12% - 120g
Pyridoxine (Min.) 0,5% - 6,25 mg
ED (Min.) 2.650 Kcal/Kg
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