Gadotec 18

Gadotec 18


Ration formulated with 18% crude protein, high energy, vitamins (including B complex) and minerals. The product is enriched with the ionophore additive performance Lasalicide Sodium. The Gadotec 18 feed is recommended to meet the nutritional requirements of cattle of high genetic potential in the different stages of breeding.


Presentation: Branny, Pelletized.

Presentation Branny, Pelletized
Weight 30 kg
Use recommendations

For stabling calves or handled with their mothers (private feeding system), in pickets, the supply of Gadotec 18 should be ad libitum (free) from the 3rd day of life. The feed intake should not exceed 2.0% of the animal’s weight. When adapted to feed, consumption should range from 1.7 to 3.5 kg/animal/day. In the post-weaning period up to the 36th month of age, consumption of the Gadotec 18 feed will vary from 1.0 to 1.5% of the live weight of the animal. This percentage may be lower, which will depend on the quantity and quality of other bulk and concentrated feed offered. Proceed with the adaptation of animals not accustomed to the intake of high levels of non-structural carbohydrates. In the first week provide 0.5% of body weight bulk feed; from 8th to 14th day 1.0% of body weight bulk feed; from the 15th day to provide 1.5% of body weight bulk feed.

Warranty Levels
Humidity (Max.) 130 g/kg
Crude Protein (Min.) 180 g/kg
Ether Extract (Min.) 26 g/kg
Crude Fibre (Max.) 80 g/kg
Mineral Material (Max.) 100 g/kg
Calcium (Max.) 15 g/kg
Phosphorus (Min.) 6.000 mg/kg
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