Gadotec Elite

Gadotec Elite


Ration formulated with 20% crude protein, high energy, vitamins and minerals, among them chrome and virginiamycin. Gadotec Elite is recommended to meet the nutritional needs of beef cattle for high performance and high genetic potential animals. Feeding should take place from weaning (usually from 6 to 8 months of age).


Presentation: Branny, Pelletized.

Presentation Branny, Pelletized
Weight 30 kg
Use recommendations

The consumption of the Gadotec Elite ration will be 1 to 1.5% of the live weight of the animal, which may vary depending on the supply and quality of the bulk feed and other concentrates, age, physiological state of the animal and expected weight gain. As dietas deverão respeitar as exigências nutricionais dos animais, sem comprometer o teor mínimo de fibra. In the total diet, the amount of concentrated food (Gadotec Elite + Gadotec Prova) should not exceed 2.0% of body weight. It is essential that the bulk food is of good quality and provided at will. It is recommended to supply the mineral supplement Guabiphos 90 Creates freely in covered stables. Proceed with the adaptation of animals not accustomed to the intake of high levels of non-structural carbohydrates. In the first week provide 0.5% of body weight bulk feed; from 8th to 14th day 1.0% of body weight bulk feed; from the 15th day to provide 1.5% of body weight bulk feed.

Warranty Levels
Humidity (Max.) 130 g/kg
Crude Protein (Min.) 200 g/kg
Ether Extract (Min.) 30 g/kg
Fibra Bruta (Max.) 80 g/kg
Mineral Material (Max.) 100 g/kg
Calcium (Max.) 15 g/kg
Phosphorus (Min.) 5.000 mg/kg
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