GuabiNúcleo 30 RM

GuabiNúcleo 30 RM


Guabinúcleo 30 RM is a nucleus formed with 6.0% of phosphorus, macro and microelements minerals, vitamins A, D, E, with Sodium Monensin, which is an additive improving performance and food efficiency. Indicated for feed formulation for cattle in the different stages of breeding.


Presentation: Branny.

Presentation Branny
Weight 30 kg
Use recommendations

For formulation of feed for dairy cattle, include 30 kg of GuabiNúcleo 30 RM (3.0%) in 970 kg of concentrated ingredients (energy and protein). As an example of dilution to produce ration for lactating cows, with 20% of Protein and 73% of NDT, you should mix: 50.0% corn grain, 32.0% soybean meal, 10.0% dry citrus pulp, 5.0% wheat bran and 3.0% GuabiNucleus 30 RM. According to the availability of energetic and/or protein ingredients, as well as animal type, and bulk food quality, other rations may be formulated. Consult a technician you trust or from the Guabi technical department for formulation of rations with GuabiNúcleo 30 RM.

Warranty Levels
Calcium (Max.) 240 g
Phosphorus (Min.) 60 g/kg
Sodium (Min.) 75 g/kg
Selenium (Min.) 22 mg/kg
Vitamin E (Min.) 500 UI - 1.500 UI
Monensin 1.000 mg
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