GuabiNúcleo Confinamento RM + VM

GuabiNúcleo Confinamento RM + VM


Nucleum formulated with 2.0% phosphorus, macro and microelements minerals, sodium monensin and virginamycin. Indicated for feed formulations or inclusion in a total diet for beef cattle in confinement regime, ingesting high amount of concentrated feed.


Presentation: Branny.

Presentation Branny
Weight 20 kg, 25 kg, 40 kg
Use recommendations

Para a formulação de rações para bovinos em regime de confinamento, incluir 30 kg do GuabiNúcleo Confinamento RM + VM (3,0%) em 970 kg de ingredientes concentrados (energético e protéico). The consumption of feed formulated with GuabiNúcleo Confinamento RM + VM must be 6 to 8 kg/animal/day, so that adult animals will ingest 200-240 g/day of GuabiNúcleo Confinemento RM + VM. According to the availability of energetic and/or protein ingredients, bulk food quality and animal type, other rations may be formulated. Consult a technician you trust or from the Guabi technical department for formulation of rations with GuabiNúcleo Confinamento RM + VM. Recommendations: For adaptation of the microbial flora to diets rich in concentrate feed, adaptation period of at least 14 days is necessary.

Warranty Levels
Phosphorus (Min.) 20 g/kg
Sodium (Min.) 60 g/kg
Selenium (Min.) 12 mg/kg
Monensin 1.250 mg
Virginiamycin 1.150 mg
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