GuabiNúcleo Lactage Pré-parto

GuabiNúcleo Lactage Pré-parto


Anionic nucleus, formulated with 2.5% phosphorus, macro and microelements minerals and vitamins A, D and E. Indicated for formulating rations for heifers and dry cows in the precalving period. The supply of 3.0 to 5.0 kg of ration prepared from GuabiNúcleo Lactage Pré-Parto in the last 21 days prior to calving prevents postcalving metabolic disorders such as hypocalcemia and its consequences, such as retention of placenta, decrease in food intake and low milk production.


Presentation: Branny.

Presentation Branny
Weight 20 kg, 25 kg, 30 kg
Use recommendations

ração aniônica destinada a novilhas e vacas, 21 dias antes do parto, misturar 100 kg do GuabiNúcleo Lactage Pré-Parto (10,0%) em 900 kg de ingredientes concentrados (energético e protéico). If your goal is to produce a ration with 20.0% of protein and 69.5% of TDN, you should mix: 56.0% of ground corn, 34.0% of soybean meal, and 10.0% of GuabiNúcleo Lactage Pré-Parto. The ration formulated with the anionic nucleus must be supplied for a maximum of 30 days and at least 21 days, and its use is suspended immediately after calving. According to the availability of energetic and/or protein ingredients and bulk food quality, other rations may be formulated. Consult a technician you trust or from the Guabi technical department for formulation of rations with GuabiNúcleo Lactage Pré-Parto.

Warranty Levels
Phosphorus (Min.) 25 g/kg
Sulphur (Min.) 50 g/kg
Cloro (Min.) 180 g/kg
Vitamin E (Min.) 2.250 UI
Monensin 650 mg/kg
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