Guabiphos Beef Mix 75 RM + VM

Guabiphos Beef Mix 75 RM + VM


Guabiphos Beef Mix 75 RM + VM is a protein concentrate, formulated with 75.0% of Crude Protein, Livestock Urea, Macro (including Potassium) and Microminerals (especially Chrome), Vitamins and Sodium Monensin, which is a performance and food efficiency enhancer. Suitable for feed formulation managed cattle in semiconfinement or confinement regime, from the mixture with energetic and, eventually, protein ingredients.


Presentation: Branny.

Presentation Branny
Weight 30 kg
Use recommendations

The inclusion of Guabiphos Beef Mix 75 RM + VM will vary from 6,0 to 15%, which will depend on the levels of guarantee of the ration to be formulated, the amount of ration offered to the animals, the desired weight gain, as well as the sources of concentrated and bulk food available. For semiconfined cattle, the average intake will be 75 g/100 kg BW, not to exceed 450 g/day. For cattle in confinement, the intake will be 115 g/10 kg BW, not to exceed 600 g/day. It is recommended a period of adaptation of at least 14 days, with gradual increase of the formulated ration. Consult a Guabi Technician for formulating rations with Guabiphos Beef Mix 75 RM + VM.

Warranty Levels
Humidity (Max) 130 g
Crude Protein (Min.) 750 g/kg
NNP - Equiv. Protein (Max.) 656 g/kg
Potassium (Min.) 12 g/kg
Chrome (Min.) 8 mg/kg
Sodium Monensin (Min.) 460 mg/kg
Virginiamycin 430 mg/kg
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