Posturave Concentrado


Concentrate for layer poultry in production.


Presentation: Branny.

Presentation Branny
Weight 20 kg, 30 kg, 40 kg
Use recommendations

Mix 35% of Gordofran Concentrate (35x65) with 65% corn meal. Offer to layer poultry in production, from the 18th week of age or from the laying of the first egg (whichever occurs first) until the lot is discarded. ATENTION: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS ZINC BACITRACIN.

Warranty Levels
Humidity (Max.) 130 g/kg
Crude Protein (Min.) 330 g/kg
Ether Extract (Min.) 25 g/kg
Crude Fibre (Max.) 50 g/kg
Mineral Material (Max.) 400 g/kg
Calcium (Max.) 130 g/kg
Phosphorus (Min.) 12.000 mg/kg
Lysine (Min.) 16.000 mg/kg
Methionine (Min.) 6.000 mg/kg
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