Caprileite 14

Caprileite 14


Caprileite 14 is a pelleted feed, formulated with 14% CP, minerals and vitamins, to meet the nutritional needs of goats in maintenance, dry adult females or males with little reproductive activity.


Presentation: Pelletized.

Presentation Pelletized
Weight 30 kg, 40 kg
Use recommendations

The amount of Caprileite 14 supplied will depend on the supply and nutritional value of the bulk feed given to the animals. Adult goats in maintenance provide 0.5 to 1.2% of the body weight of the animal. When the bulk presents good nutritional value, the feed consumption will approximate 0.5% of the body weight, percentage that will be increased as the quality of the bulk feed worsens. To avoid metabolic disturbances in animals whose diet did not contain concentrate, proceed adaptation. In the first week provide half of the amount of Caprileite 14 desired and from the 8th day provide the amount recommended in the diet.

Warranty Levels
Humidity (Max.) 130 g
Crude Protein (Min.) 140 g
Ether Extract (Min.) 25 g
Crude Fibre (Max.) 100 g
Mineral Material (Max.) 150 g
Calcium (Max.) 15 g
Phosphorus (Min.) 5.000 mg
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