Equitage Mix


Multiparticle product with molasses addition (“Sweet Feed” concept), inclusion of pellets, extruded particles (high digestibility), rolled maize and oats, giving high palatability, indicated for adult animals under moderate physical effort, preparation for exhibitions or auctions and stallions.


Presentation: Multiparticle.

Presentation Multiparticulates
Weight 30 kg, 40 kg
Use recommendations

Provide for animals at moderate labor 0.7 to 1.5 kg per 100 kg of body weight/day, animals athletes under intense training/stallions 1.0 to 2.0 kg per 100 kg body weight/day. Provide clean, fresh water and forage free for animals.

Warranty Levels
Humidity (Max.) 130 g/kg
Crude Protein (Min.) 120 g/kg
Ether Extract (Min.) 60 g/kg
Crude Fibre (Max.) 120 g/kg
Mineral Material (Max.) 120 g/kg
Calcium (Max.) 18 g/kg
Phosphorus (Min.) 5.000 mg/kg
Lysine (Min.) 4.500 mg/kg
Methionine (Min.) 2.000 mg/kg
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