GuabiNúcleo Inicial 40 LS

GuabiNúcleo Inicial 40 LS


Nucleus formulated with 4.5% phosphorus, macro and micromineral elements (among them organic chrome), vitamins A, D and E, as well as B-complex vitamins. It features Lasalocid Sodium in its composition as enhancing performance and feed efficiency. Suitable for formulation of cattle feed from the 3rd day of life at 6 months of age.


Presentation: Branny.

Presentation Branny
Weight 20 kg
Use recommendations

For formulating rations for calves, include 40 kg of Guabi Initial Core 40 LS (4.0%) in 960 kg of concentrated ingredients (energy and protein). If your goal is to produce a ration with 19.0% of protein and 72.0% of TDN, you should mix: 56.0% of ground corn, 27.5% of soybean meal, 12.5% of wheat bran, 4.0% of GuabiNúcleo Inicial 40 LS. According to the availability of energetic and/or protein ingredients, bulk food quality and desired performance, other rations may be formulated. Consult a technician you trust or from the Guabi technical department for formulation of rations with GuabiNúcleo Fábrica Inicial 40 LS.

Warranty Levels
Calcium (Max.) 220 g
Phosphorus (Min.) 45 g/kg
Sodium (Min.) 50 g/kg
Selenium (Min.) 12 mg/kg
Vitamin E (Min.) 1.250 UI
Lasalocide 875 mg
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